Mashfeed 1.1.4

All the ingredients to make your perfect social media feed

Mashfeed cleans all the noise from your social media profiles, letting you see exactly what you want from Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube in one handy app.  View full description


  • Get info from multiple social networks
  • Curate your social media stream
  • "Like" things directly in the app


  • No integration with Twitter
  • Only shows photos and videos

Very good

Mashfeed cleans all the noise from your social media profiles, letting you see exactly what you want from Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube in one handy app. 

Create your own personalized social feed

After registering with Mashfeed, you'll be able to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts. From there, you can choose Mashfeeds (streams) to follow using ones that have already been created, or make your own.

Each Mashfeed is comprised of "ingredients," which can be any combination of Facebook friends or pages, Instagram users and hashtags, or YouTube channels or topics. Some suggested Mashfeeds include "Foodstagram" and "Street Art," but its just as easy to create your own by searching for users or pages within the app. Once you've created a Mashfeed, you can make it public, or choose to keep it private. This is especially useful if you want to make a Mashfeed of your closest friends or family members; by keeping it private, you'll have your very own stream of posts from all of your closest friends, and all their social activity, in one place! 

Right now, the app is limited to photos and videos coming in from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but it could be beneficial to include Twitter, along with status updates as opposed to just photos or videos.   

All the "ingredients" to make your favorite feed

The app is really simple to get the hang of, and minimal options means that there's nothing to clutter up the experience. The interface is great, with a nice color scheme and sections that are easy to navigate- Homepage, Browse and Profile are the only options.

For now, the difference between the Homepage and Profile tabs seems minimal, aside from the fact that the Homepage is much more visual, while the Profile separates your created Mashfeeds from ones that you're following. 

The Homepage will show a list of the Mashfeeds you follow, which you can access in your profile, along with the Mashfeeds you've created. To create a Mashfeed, you can click on the "+" search for, and add sources from each social network. The nice thing is that you don't actually have to be following someone on Instagram or "Like" a Facebook page in order to add it to your Mashfeed, but you do have to be friends with someone on Facebook if you want them in your feed. 

You can navigate Mashfeeds by scrolling down, as you would with any other social app, and if you click on Info, you can see exactly what the Mashfeed is made up of. 

You can "like" an image or video directly from the app, but you can't comment or access the individual social media profiles from the app. 

The best all-in-one social media app

With so much junk popping up on Facebook lately, it's nice to have an app that silences the noise and integrates all my social networks into categorized feeds. I like that I can easily keep track of my friends in a private Mashfeed, or create one around my favorite topics, and I think any social media junkie will find this app indespensible. 

Mashfeed is a simple and beautiful way to CREATE and DISCOVER great social media mashups. Connect your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), and create custom feeds, or "mashfeeds," by combining relevant users, hashtags, channels and more. Your mashfeeds will always be kept up to date and include the latest posts from the ingredients you've selected. Discover amazing social media content by browsing through dozens of mashfeeds in the "Browse" section, from categories like Style, Photography, Funny and more. Filter your hashtags! With Mashfeed, you can finally filter hashtags by specific users. Create a mashfeed that includes one or more hashtags, and further filter the hashtag content by specific users. The results and combinations are incredible. Your favorite content is scattered across multiple social media sites. Bring it together with Mashfeed. ------ A NOTE FROM THE CREATORS Thanks so much for being one of the early adventurers to try Mashfeed. We built Mashfeed as a way to help each other discover awesome content that is already being created on the social networks we're a part of. We hope that Mashfeed will quickly become the perfect complement to the social media networks you've come to know and love. FEEDBACK & FEATURED REQUESTS We take your feedback and opinions seriously, so please contact us at or @Mashfeed on Twitter with any issues or comments. Have you created an amazing mashfeed that you'd like to see Featured in the Browse section? Send us a note to with the mashfeed name and your username and we'll take a look! We can't wait to see where this takes us, and are excited to have you along for the ride. - The Mashfeed Team